The Diane Clark Center for Patient Simulation, Education and Safety

Our Mission

The Diane Clark Center for Patient Simulation, Education and Safety exist to assist Northside Hospital’s commitment to the health and wellness of our community by impacting patient outcomes through integrating simulation-based techniques and resources into educational training that enhances the quality of healthcare, ensuring that patient safety is first and foremost.

What Is Simulation?

Simulation at NSHG is an imitated clinical environment that models healthcare scenarios, practicing procedures or physical exams to train associates to deliver safe patient care. Increasing patient acuity, technology, cost containment, and focus on safety have changed traditional workplace education models in graduate medical education. Textbook information is certainly the foundation for quality patient care practice, but true training must also include hands on training for common, unexpected and complex patient care scenarios. Simulation allows the learner to safely apply textbook knowledge to the world of real patient scenarios.

Sim Lab Photo

The Diane Clark Center offers several simulation rooms with high-fidelity simulation manikins with lifelike features and responsive physiology. In addition to our simulation rooms, we offer classroom and debriefing spaces. These spaces are equipped with computer access allowing for the debriefing of simulations or didactic teaching before the simulations.
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